Thursday, August 6, 2009

Artist's date. Old bicycle necklace.

Bicycle necklace

I went to my artist's date to Michaels this time. My first intention was to check some unfamiliar things - for the crafts I didn't yet have a chance to try. But all in vain! They have a surprisingly big bead department now so I ended up rummaging through all the treasures. I put parts and beads together enjoying mock designing. And then I saw a fantastic old bicycle pendant. I start thinking - if I put this and this together and make the pendant a focal point and finish it for selling... But wait a minute! It's my artist's date! I am not doing this for profit - just for nurturing my little artist inside! I should make this necklace for myself!

So I bought everything I thought would go well with the pendant. And the pendant itself, of course:)

The store was closed, I went home. And made this. And I love it! Will definitely wear it for the next artist's date.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New notebook, new lists

Last week I decided to try Mark Forster's system AutoFocus. I have a certain obsession for lists of things and his system is build on one continuous stream of listed items. You sure would need a new notebook for the new system - so I decided to go to an artist's date ( as I'm on week two of Julia Cameron's Artist's Way) and find a perfect notebook. It shouldn't be too small - Mark said 25-35 lines to a page. But it shouldn't be too big - my backpack is rather small.

I spent an hour in the paper department of Borders and was almost desperate - nothing said eureka! to me.
But finally on the last shelf it was - my preciousss!

Funny and bright new notebook - love it, love it, love it!