Saturday, August 9, 2014

Little lace decoration

I bought this recently at a thrift store. It's tiny and delicate, the inner diameter is less than 3 in. At first I thought that it was  an embroidered piece but after taking pictures and looking at them on bigger scale I realized that it's a very fine piece of lace made out of thin colored treads. All details are attached to each other with tiny knots. I thought the background to be a cardboard circle but  in fact it is a circle of very fine felt. The frame is signed on the back and has a date - '90. So it's somebody's art and is 24 years old!

On the background you can see one sheet from my collection of women's craft and needlework attachments to popular magazine of 19th century.

Beautifull lace piece from a thrift store

Beautifull lace piece from a thrift store

Beautifull lace piece from a thrift store

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Black Victorian Necklaces for my Etsy shop

I've made two new Victorian era inspired necklaces - with a heart pendant and a bow pendant.

Get a little tired of Etsy signature white background photos and this time took out my old music pages and ladies magazine dress pattern sheets. Oh, and a delicate embroidered handkerchief that I found an some thrift store. I like that better.
Black Victorian necklaces

Black Victorian necklace with a heart pendant

Black Victorian necklace with a heart pendant

Black Victorian necklace with a bow pendant

Black Victorian necklace with a bow pendant

Black Victorian necklace with a heart pendant

Black Victorian necklaces

Listing for a Bow Victorian Necklace at my Etsy shop.

Listing for a Heart Victorian Necklace at my Etsy shop.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Teapot necklaces

 I made this necklace for my Etsy store last year. The nice bright color of lampwork beads reminded me of cold and bright winter mornings, so I called it "The Winter Morning Tea". I have one myself and when wear it  always have a lot of compliments.

The beginning of this year I devoted to collecting all loose ends and unfinished plans. When I put every thing from my many lists during the past year onto  a new fresh list it had 810 items!

I try not to panic and use random number generator to pick at least one item everyday and do it as much as I can. Two days ago it was "To make any of your previously made necklaces in different color". I have my Winter Tea before me and some green small beads which I try to unite with some red ones. An idea came immediately - Green Tea! So I made Green Tea and didn't stop. Now I have Green Tea Necklace and Mint Tea necklace. And a lot of ideas for other kinds of teas:)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Halloween Haunted Houses

I know that it's a little late to write about Halloween, but I need to show my decorations for this October:)

I found the picture of  beautiful haunted houses on Pinterest and loved it immediately.  The picture was pinned from Boxwood Clippings blog. I've read DIY Spooky Halloween Houses posting  and immediately went to order Paper Mache House set from Hobby Lobby.

I painted them in  matte acrylic  craft paint, glued some tracing paper inside windows. I have a perfect piece of furniture for them - each shelf smaller than the previous one. I wanted the light inside to be orange or yellow so I used orange Halloween lights. It was one string, plugged in on the bottom, then pushed through shelves up and  put in sections inside every house.

These houses are like boxes with roofs as lids. If you put something inside that  goes back outside the lids wouldn't close. So I took x-acto knife and cut slits on the back of the houses. The wires  went trough these slits and the lids closed properly. My little Japanese salt and pepper shakers played ghosts perfectly:)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween decorations. Spray painted bottles and jars.

I've collected  a little more than a thousand  pictures of Halloween decorations and craft on Pinterest. ( Halloween Ideas  and Halloween Ideas 2) this year. It was overwhelming - I wanted to make everything from my folders!

I love the idea to paint  a  bunch of vessels in one color and make a decorative group of them on a mantel. I immediately imagine a group of bottles painted matter black with bizarre  antique looking  labels on them. My initial plan was to paint them with a sponge brush in craft acrylic. Then I saw a blog post about spray painting and thought - I always wanted to try it! This is a perfect occasion! So I went to Amazon and bought the first black paint I saw :
Rust-Oleum 1905830 Lacquer Spray, Black, 11-Ounce.

Now I knew why I collected all this empty bottles and little jars - they were waiting this day! I washed and dried them thoroughly, took them to the back yard and started painting. The paint was a little thin  so I  applied it in  two or three layers checking against light where there was left transparent spots. I was hooked immediately! It was so easy, so fast and bottles came so glossy and dark  deep black! 

 I also painted some sweet gum pods for putting into  an apothecary jar.

Then I thought about putting witch's potions labels on the painted bottles but realized that I liked them as they were. They were so beautiful and glossy and every combination of them was beautiful. So I decided to use them as flower vases. 

 One spot was  near the sofa in the library. The silver plate I bought for Christmas decorations but used for this group of painted bottles with  Asiatic lilies and some acorns and leaves.

The second spot was my kitchen window. I always have flowers on it  so I can see something beautiful when cooking and washing dishes.

Asiatic lilies are perfect for Halloween - they are angular and graphical and color is beautiful orange with dark spots and splatters. 

I looked at bottles at this point and saw something strange!

This is a closeup. The spider was not painted or some kind of a sticker - it's a real spider which came from nowhere and sat at the perfect spot making itself a perfect Halloween touch!

The last bottle went to  bright orange charger  for table centerpiece. The ghosts figurines  are my German friend's gift. The bigger one has a tea light at the bottom and casts bright spots of light around. My dinner table at that time still had all the mess from my decoration projects, sorry :)

Now I'm looking around - what else can be painted? It's such a fun! I've bought  already matter black paint and silver paint and I'm eager to start next spraying project.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Making Halloween wreath

I saw an Edgar Alan Poe Wreath on pinterest and was immediately hooked. Original project by Gwen Moss was found here.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

For Ali

These are some illustrations from my and my sister's book about Glikeriya the Mouse. I set it visually in some imaginary time between 1930s and 1950s. The text itself doesn't have this reference - it's just my love for old things and old aesthetics.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer hat pink multi strand necklace

I wanted it to be pink and I wanted to use those funny beads that look soap bubbles. The hat pendant fit into the idea perfectly!

Listing on Etsy.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Bunny Mother and Baby hand painted on the rock

I looked through the entire folder with the animal pictures on my computer to choose which cute mother and baby company would make a perfect Mother's Day gift. Decided on bunnies. Painted one. Went to choose another stone for different animal and suddenly find myself painting another bunny mother and then another. White and ginger - my favorite colors, how could I not paint white and ginger rabbit? Even better! Two white and ginger rabbits:)

Two of these painted rocks are already sold. Some mothers will have these cute mum and baby bunnies duo for the holiday!