Thursday, January 26, 2012

Painted rocks (stones) fish magnets

I'm almost out of small stones with flat back for the fish magnets. And i love, love, love to paint them.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bad film - beautiful picture

01 by Alika-Rikki
01, a photo by Alika-Rikki on Flickr.

There are some movies which I love visually and don't like as a story or an idea.
Antichrist by Trier was the perfect example. Don't like story, don't like characters, don't like actors, don't like depression clouded mind of its creator, don't like sadistic exercises, don't like crazy people.

But love some pictures.

02 by Alika-Rikki

03 by Alika-Rikki

03 by Alika-Rikki

03 by Alika-Rikki

03 by Alika-Rikki

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Once a month cooking

Meatballs for freezing by Alika-Rikki
Meatballs for freezing, a photo by Alika-Rikki on Flickr.

One of my friends mentioned a book about organizing that she was reading. I love organizing! I'm not so good in maintaining order but I'm absolutely brilliant in organizing and inventing systems in general. So I checked up the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Organizing Your Life in the library. It was pretty basic and is a nice companion in step by step initial organizing your home and office. There were just few new ideas for me but one of them was quite fascinating!

It turned out that there is a 'cooking once a month' movement. You buy a lot of ingredients, take out all your precious cooking devices and chop,mix, cut, whip, boil, and fry for a day or two in enormous quantities. Then you divide everything into portions and freeze. Now you ready to eat the whole month without mess of cooking. The idea seemed so clever to me!

This is my second time in this experiment. The first one proved itself a huge success. It's so relaxing to know that you have plenty of ready food at any time and a lot to choose from too!

I skipped some stuffed vegetables this time. Peppers became mushy, I didn't like the texture. But made double or triple of what I like - like turkey meatloaf with mushrooms.

Feeling good like a squirrel - but without her unfortunately short memory:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Painted rock Airedale Terrier

I painted custom portrait of an Airedale Terrier dog recently. Then changed and repaint it several times so it looks more like this breed should be. It was something about ears - they should be more alert and triangular.

This is the first photo session, before changing. I think the old book suits the dog beautifully.