Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hamster and two bunnies. Painted stones.

I started painting this hamster rock long ago. For two or three years it was just orange under-painting and two black eyes - I was busy with illustration for my first children's book. Recently I had an order for a hamster rock portrait and found that old baby. Hamsters have the most funny pink noses! And tiny cute hands.

Two other rocks are adorable lop bunnies. Love to paint them though it takes unusually long for such small rocks.

Ancient girl-bloggers

Ancient girl-bloggers by Alika-Rikki
Ancient girl-bloggers, a photo by Alika-Rikki on Flickr.

My sister was visiting me. I haven't seen her for seven years - we both were happy. I thought that she would abandon the internet and blogging and completely submerge into new surroundings. But, boy, was I wrong! She spent every spare second in posting pictures and reports of her staying. I didn't mind reading it - it's our family sport to tell each other in details what we both saw and experienced earlier during the day. But i couldn't help laughing at the Asian Art Museum when I saw the ancient Chinese vase - this is definitely two sisters bloggers portrait!