Sunday, September 30, 2012

I went to a flea market with my daughter. We are not early risers so by the time we got there many of the sellers were already packing.

We had to run to and fro around the field to see the last booths. My daughter took a fancy to a kitschy and ridiculously expensive radio in the shape of an owl heavily painted in gold. I found some vintage music sheets for future art works and two funny little things at an old Chinese man's table: a teapot with bugs and a fat, bumpy and grumpy toad.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


It's a giveaway!
My little painted stone fish magnet will be given to someone who leaves a comment here. I know that there is not a lot of people reading my blog so your chances are really huge:)

I will wait 24 hours and then somebody will be the winner ( or not)

It's painted on a beach pebble with acrylic paints and coated with a glossy clear varnish. The back side is left unfinished so you can see color and texture of an original stone. A strong rare earth magnet is glued to the back side. It's ready to adorn any surface that can hold magnets. Will be mailed in a small gift box with a soft insert.
The stone is about 1-3/4" ( 4.5 cm) long.

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