Thursday, February 26, 2009

Old record - new life

Last year the owner on NY APW gallery invited me to take part in the show featuring paintings on the old vinyl records. I bought a bunch of old discs in a thrift store and began to experiment.
The idea with butterflies sprang immediately to my mind, but I painted several other discs and a lot of try patches on spare records before came with a result that I liked.

It can be hung easily by putting a push pin through the middle hole. I especially love the fact that it can be hung in any position - the symmetry of the butterflies make the composition perfect any time.

Now it went to Rome to another exhibition of vinyl records - VINYL FACTORY Group Show (VINILIFICIOCREATIVO VOL.2) at the MondoPOP International Gallery.

1 comment:

  1. It is indeed a great decorating idea for tenants who hesitate to put holes in their walls!
    (I loved the design, of course, but that kinda goes without saying. :) )
    Generally, thank you for the inspiring blogs (I have been reading your LJ for awhile)!
    Мария К., Хьюстон, ТХ