Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hand painted rock. Orange guinea pig

This little guy is also a prize for a guinea pigs show. He has the cutest red eyes I ever painted.

One more with the close-up of his face:


  1. Very nice!! Molto carino!! Brava Alika!!!
    Ciao! Paola

  2. I love your Rock art, and have just started to try my hand at this myself. I also like the idea of painting on records, as I design Mandalas too, the circle being the perfect shape to use....wonder if an old cd disc would do be just as good ?

  3. Love your painted rocks - they are sooo adorable!
    You're a real artist.

    Regards from Germany


  4. AWE... your painted guinea pig rock is so very sweet!!!! You are a good artist!!!
    Regards Peg / The Crystal Pinecone