Friday, June 19, 2009

Some cute bunnies

 Lop bunny

A couple of weeks ago we spotted a pair of fat cute bunnies on our backyard. Our first impression was that was some kind of garden sculpture. But no - they were real bunnies. I decided to take them inside and send my daughter to ask neighbors, maybe someone cried already missing them. Bunnies were quite friendly, the smaller one - I guessed it was a girl - came to me to make introduction. The boy ran a little around then also was caught and brought inside.

Lop bunny and guinea pig

Our guinea pig Cyrano was very agitated - he squeaked, he stood high in his pen and I took him out to make acquaintance with the bunnies.

Meanwhile our daughter found the owners. They asked her when she had found them - which day - they didn't even know that their bunnies had escaped!

two lop bunnies
One last glance - they are so, so, so cute! Yellow, big and round - like from kids book.

Bunnies go home

And off they go!

Next time they are in our backyard I'll keep them!!


  1. they are lovely! And Cyrano too!

  2. We missed them, they were so funny! And highly paintable too:)

  3. The bunny looks just like mine!! He is getting old though, and I dread the day he passes!!