Friday, July 3, 2009

Handmade Ideas Book

I always carry with me a small pocket notebook for ideas. If you think that you'll remember that bright flick without writing it down - you are most definitely wrong. The other wrong thing to do is to write it down on some scraps of paper. They will be lost almost immediately. The small book in sturdy cover is the best friend of ideas! I write in it when see good idea in a book or during the show or something coming to me just among everyday chores. They are a great pleasure to flip through while waiting for something. You will be surprised how many of the ideas have already escaped your memory.
This is one of my ideas book that I made myself. It based on the notebook that I bought in the art shop in Israel long ago.
Handmade ideas book

It's 1/4 of letter size paper (A4 for the other world). The covers are made of book cardboard covered with silver decorative paper. I drew pictures on heavy textured paper and glued them on the front cover - my favorite cat, words "ideas" and just tiny decorated strip.

Handmade ideas book
Paper inside is rather heavy extra white printer paper.

Handmade ideas book
The binding is a variation of Japanese stab binding done with a narrow satin ribbon.

I still have my previous ideas book not filled so this book is waiting its turn.
May be some day I'll make a little bunch of them for selling on Etsy.

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