Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day of must - Day of wish.

I'm conducting an experiment. There are things that need to be done but I'm not eager to do them. And there are things that I love to do and will be happy to do - but I feel guilty doing them. Usually they mutually annihilate each other - I am not doing must-do things because it's not fun and I am not doing pleasant things because I "don't deserve" it. So I divide and conquer. Every other day I do all necessary things - all day long without complain, and between them I spent days doing free-guilt pleasant things. Results are awesome. I have finished a lot of things from my procrastination list. And I have done a lot of fun things that make me happy and relaxed. It works for me perfectly because I'm not a multitasking person. One task for a day - to be busy and productive or to be relaxed and have fun -is ideal for me.

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