Saturday, November 24, 2012

Before and after

Before... by Alika-Rikki
Before..., a photo by Alika-Rikki on Flickr.
I was making necklaces for my etsy store several days in a row and had totally cluttered table as a result. You know that - something from this box, something from that string - and soon you push things in the morning to free a tiny spot to work on.

Finally you can't do it anymore and need to declutter...

It took me three hour, half an audio book and voila! It's ground zero, I have a table back! And all the tiny pieces went back to their containers.

Love this empty clean look, even if it doesn't stay long like this:)

After! by Alika-Rikki
After!, a photo by Alika-Rikki on Flickr.

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