Sunday, April 28, 2013

Boho chic multistrand necklace for my sister

I love my sister. We have very similar tastes and views in literature, art and cultural things . We may differ in our other views -- she is more family and home oriented (long breastfeeding, keen interest in adoption, homeschooling, country-living.) She is a well-known children's book author in Russia and loves a boho chic clothing style. I haven't seen her in  a lot of years and I was very happy when she came to visit me last spring . I got her a bunch of boho clothes as a welcome gift, and when she got here we went out to buy more. Long skirts, whimsical jackets, scarves and hats.

She asked me to make her several necklaces for her outfits, and I was happy to play around with my beads. Together we chose  various beads and pendants and I made five necklaces for her, matching her outfits and favorite colors. This is one of these five:

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