Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cyrano on the grass

I took our guinea pig  Cyrano out into the garden so he could run around in the grass. He loves eating fresh grass blades. 

I’m always scared to leave him out there alone, ever since I read a story about a crow that swooped down on a poor guinea pig, plucked it up, but couldn’t carry it and ended up dropping the guinea pig to his death.  So I always cover Cyrano with a spare cage or keep him company outside. 

I thought he would be happy to be in the large open ground and would run around while I was photographing my new jewelry. But he looked around and immediately ran back to me, and propped himself up on my foot and started munching on the grass around it. 

This is him in all his splendor. His hair in the photo was actually just trimmed, it can get twice as long as that in his breed. 

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