Monday, March 4, 2013

Chocolate costume

In different countries there are different occasions and holidays when children dress up in costumes. Purim in Israel, Halloween in the US as we all know. Back in Russia we make costumes for the New Year celebration.  Christmas is not a  national holiday, it's strictly religious and happens after the New Year.

So  the New Year  celebration was the most cheerful, most colorful and most joyful time of the year. Every work place organized a party for the children of their employees in special locations like theaters or sports centers. Each one had  a huge beautifully decorated New Year Tree usually placed in the  center of some kind of  a ball room. After watching a performance on  a stage, the children went to the ballroom where they danced and sang around the New Year Tree. There often was a contest with prizes for the best costume .  There was no stores selling costumes,  almost every costume was hand made.

My daughter was five and the season of the New Year parties was approaching. One day she came to me and said that she had the perfect idea for her costume. "I'll be  a chocolate bar,"  she said, "let's make me a costume."

I absolutely adore chocolate so  I  couldn't resist the idea. It turned out that she had already thought through the design of the costume. "You  need to buy chocolate colored silk fabric, something smooth and slippery, then buy  thick batting, put it between two layers of silk and stitch all three layers in squares - it will look exactly like chocolate squares in a bar!"

The idea was absolutely brilliant!

We went to the fabric store and bought everything: chocolate colored smooth lining fabric, batting, brown chiffon,  a bit of silver lame. In a shoe store nearby we found the perfect pair of brown suede shoes.

She helped me with everything. We made a dress with  sheer chiffon sleeves, the bodice was stitched in smaller squares and the full round skirt in large squares and the small piece of silver lame became a little apron representing  silver foil inside the chocolate wrapper. I cut off the buckles   from the shoes and made chiffon roses like those on a chocolate cake, and attach them to the toes. Her father came up with an idea for a crown. I donated  some chocolate wrappers from my collection  for the occasion ( yes, I have kept every wrapper from the chocolate bars I have eaten during the last 25 years.) My daughter and her dad made a crown from cardboard and decorated it with strips of wrappers.

The costume turned out beautiful with all the rich chocolate colors and various textures. She was the Queen of Chocolate. Not only did she wear it for every kids party, it was also her favorite outfit for the whole winter season. She used to come home from kindergarten, immediately change into her silky dress and dance and sing happily till  bed time.
Unfortunately  we don't have any photos where you can see the costume in detail so I drew a picture.

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