Saturday, November 16, 2013

Halloween decorations. Spray painted bottles and jars.

I've collected  a little more than a thousand  pictures of Halloween decorations and craft on Pinterest. ( Halloween Ideas  and Halloween Ideas 2) this year. It was overwhelming - I wanted to make everything from my folders!

I love the idea to paint  a  bunch of vessels in one color and make a decorative group of them on a mantel. I immediately imagine a group of bottles painted matter black with bizarre  antique looking  labels on them. My initial plan was to paint them with a sponge brush in craft acrylic. Then I saw a blog post about spray painting and thought - I always wanted to try it! This is a perfect occasion! So I went to Amazon and bought the first black paint I saw :
Rust-Oleum 1905830 Lacquer Spray, Black, 11-Ounce.

Now I knew why I collected all this empty bottles and little jars - they were waiting this day! I washed and dried them thoroughly, took them to the back yard and started painting. The paint was a little thin  so I  applied it in  two or three layers checking against light where there was left transparent spots. I was hooked immediately! It was so easy, so fast and bottles came so glossy and dark  deep black! 

 I also painted some sweet gum pods for putting into  an apothecary jar.

Then I thought about putting witch's potions labels on the painted bottles but realized that I liked them as they were. They were so beautiful and glossy and every combination of them was beautiful. So I decided to use them as flower vases. 

 One spot was  near the sofa in the library. The silver plate I bought for Christmas decorations but used for this group of painted bottles with  Asiatic lilies and some acorns and leaves.

The second spot was my kitchen window. I always have flowers on it  so I can see something beautiful when cooking and washing dishes.

Asiatic lilies are perfect for Halloween - they are angular and graphical and color is beautiful orange with dark spots and splatters. 

I looked at bottles at this point and saw something strange!

This is a closeup. The spider was not painted or some kind of a sticker - it's a real spider which came from nowhere and sat at the perfect spot making itself a perfect Halloween touch!

The last bottle went to  bright orange charger  for table centerpiece. The ghosts figurines  are my German friend's gift. The bigger one has a tea light at the bottom and casts bright spots of light around. My dinner table at that time still had all the mess from my decoration projects, sorry :)

Now I'm looking around - what else can be painted? It's such a fun! I've bought  already matter black paint and silver paint and I'm eager to start next spraying project.

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