Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Halloween Haunted Houses

I know that it's a little late to write about Halloween, but I need to show my decorations for this October:)

I found the picture of  beautiful haunted houses on Pinterest and loved it immediately.  The picture was pinned from Boxwood Clippings blog. I've read DIY Spooky Halloween Houses posting  and immediately went to order Paper Mache House set from Hobby Lobby.

I painted them in  matte acrylic  craft paint, glued some tracing paper inside windows. I have a perfect piece of furniture for them - each shelf smaller than the previous one. I wanted the light inside to be orange or yellow so I used orange Halloween lights. It was one string, plugged in on the bottom, then pushed through shelves up and  put in sections inside every house.

These houses are like boxes with roofs as lids. If you put something inside that  goes back outside the lids wouldn't close. So I took x-acto knife and cut slits on the back of the houses. The wires  went trough these slits and the lids closed properly. My little Japanese salt and pepper shakers played ghosts perfectly:)

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