Sunday, January 12, 2014

Teapot necklaces

 I made this necklace for my Etsy store last year. The nice bright color of lampwork beads reminded me of cold and bright winter mornings, so I called it "The Winter Morning Tea". I have one myself and when wear it  always have a lot of compliments.

The beginning of this year I devoted to collecting all loose ends and unfinished plans. When I put every thing from my many lists during the past year onto  a new fresh list it had 810 items!

I try not to panic and use random number generator to pick at least one item everyday and do it as much as I can. Two days ago it was "To make any of your previously made necklaces in different color". I have my Winter Tea before me and some green small beads which I try to unite with some red ones. An idea came immediately - Green Tea! So I made Green Tea and didn't stop. Now I have Green Tea Necklace and Mint Tea necklace. And a lot of ideas for other kinds of teas:)

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